Mela, Nina and Petra spend a lot of time throwing ideas around – and also their realisation. Each one of us brings special qualities and skills to this work and to Kulmine. The result of this combination is a wonderful synergy effect:

Of course, as the owner of Kulmine and center of our team, Petra is in a very special position. But in the end it is more her particular ability for connecting and inspiring people, her deep calmness, wit and passion for everything that she does, that makes her essential role so special.
Overseer for all our projects is Mela. Additional to her design qualities she brings a big treasure of bubbly ideas and an admirable ability for structure. She holds the threads of all our projects together. You could really say: Everything that is visible on the homepage, was designed by her or at least went through her hands.
That also means the many texts and a lot of these were written by me. Through this, my capability for spot-on wording and imaginative word finding comes through again and again. My love towards Kulmine fabric has also lead me to think of a lot of possible (and impossible) products and projects. Currently especially in the area of publicity.
First and foremost is the huge fun we have together and the satisfying feeling, when another great idea is realised. – Nina

Founder and Inhaberin Petra Sood

What do you enjoy most in your work for Kulmine?

We get a lot of feedback from our customers these days, from midwives and people in healing professions which confirm the wonderful impact Kulmines have on the attitude towards life and also the health of women and sometimes even men. Additionally, the internet has enabled us to become more known, and we have gained many supporters, which gives me a lot of joy.

Product developer and writer Nina Hanefeld

What is the most important thing that people, especially women, can learn through Kulmine in your opinion?

The most important thing for me, can be explained with the expression “to get in touch with oneself”. But to me this means so much more and happens on so many levels, that I find the term almost too small. For men it is certainly interesting to see how their partners get a new connection to their bodies and they can profit from that.

Communication designer Mela Kühnlein

What gives you the most pleasure in your work for Kulmine?

I savour how diverse the work for Kulmine is for me. I can act out completly different aspects of my creativity. I am integrated in so many of the processes. For example when Nina discusses a new product idea with me, or when we cut new fabric with Petra and I design the corresponding banner ad on the website. I feel very supported and valued by Nina and Petra: “thread holding spinstress” they call me at the moment. :)

For over 20 years enthusiastic people are inspired to take part in the Kulmine community. Some are employed at Kulmine some are freelancer. Others volunteer in their free time because of a personal interest to the topic. They all are dedicated to participate and to bring in their qualities:

Templates Frauke

What is the most important thing that people, especially women, can learn through Kulmine in your opinion?

When I think of Kulmine, I primarily think about the menstrual hygiene products. So I would say the most important thing that women can learn, is an attentive attitude during their menstruation which will also have positive effects on other areas of life.
When I think about all the other Kulmine products for everyday life, that are now on the market, I think (with a slight grin) about a fluffy, soft joyous feeling of wellbeing. 20 years ago we would never have thought that these flannel and molleton fabrics are so versatile. We learnt a lot about this in the last few years, and everyone who would rather use cotton than microfleece can now learn this too.

Proofreader Eva

What moved you to get involved with Kulmine?

I give some of my time to Kulmine, so that all the good and admirable about Petra and about Kulmine can reach the customers and readers. I do this so that the content is not overshadowed by confusion due to a creative use of grammar and spelling. It gives me a lot of joy to be able to help with my talent and become part of the Kulmine family this way.

Proofreader Anna

What moved you to get involved with Kulmine?

The first time I came into contact with Kulmine, I called attention to a link that wasn't working properly. Beforehand I kept asking myself whether I should really mention it, but then the feedback I got was absolutely positive and happy about the possibility for improvement. For me, this is an essential part of the Kulmine philosophy: To work closely with customers and listen to their ideas, to be understandable and to inspire people. A great approach for a product that for some women will involve overcoming their inhibitions. When I correct the texts, I read quite early about new products and the way Kulmine portrays itself. It is a lot of fun to experience the newest developments from Kulmine firsthand and to see a small enterprise keeping their finger on the pulse of time. Dear Kulmine team: For me, what you are doing is marketing with a heart and great transparency. And time and again you question and correct your work – such a pleasant model.

Webmaster Steffen

How is it relevant to you, that you work for a company that sells such specific products as Kulmine does?

I already knew about alternative menstrual products because of my girlfriend. As I come from an area of mechanical engineering, the work for Kulmine is a welcomed variation.

Seamstress Gisela

What gives you the most joy in working for Kulmine?

Working together with the competent and friendly Kulmine team and the variety of fabrics and colours is what gives me the most joy.

and many more

In the background Kulmine is supported by a lot of people. Some support us every so often, and have been doing so quite some time now. Like the women, who are continuously contributing to our texts, improving them or translating them to English, like it has just happened. Others are supporting us in temporary projects, like Peter Scheerer who, together with Mela, helped to create several photographs on our website. We are wholeheartedly thankful, that those people provided their time, creativity and talent for Kulmine - without them Kulmine would be missing something essential (and on top of that have quite some slips of the pen).

In particular Henk Holthaus should be mentioned, who has been Petra Soods life partner for many years. Through his unconditional support and trust Petra learned to be authentic not only on a personal level but also job-related and to use this authenticity as a basis for her work. Henk's appreciative acknowledgement, his critical feedback as well as his reassuring presence turn him into a very special supporter – not only for Kulmine and Petra Sood, but also for all the participants in the “Happy to be Alive” seminars.

Proofreader Svenja

What moved you to get involved with Kulmine?

It was primarily the lovely nature of Petra that made me get involved with Kulmine. She is extremely helpful and gives so much to other people, including myself. Working for Kulmine is a way for me to give something back to her.
Additionally I want to help Kulmine reach more girls and women, to enable them to have the lovely feeling of the Kulmines. I want to give them a chance to pamper themselves and to change the taboo of menstruation into something natural and great in a womens life.