Other menstrual products

The menstrual cup (also known as Cup, Mooncup, Lunette, Selene, Divacup, ...) is a useful, healthy and safe alternative to tampons and disposable menstrual products. From our point of view the company Lunette produces the best cups.


  • The Lunette menstrual cup is easy and safe to use.
  • Suits women of all ages and sizes, for strong and light flows.
  • The cup has to be poured out only 2-4 times per day and can also be used during the night.
  • Can be used during sports and any other physical activity.
  • Models and sets in our shop: size 1 and size 2
  • The natural moisture in the vulvina and the healthy vaginal flora is not disturbed.
  • In contrast to tampons the natural procedure of secreting menstrual blood, dead cells and bacteria is not interfered.
  • Not sweaty, does not cause fungal or urinary tract infections. TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome) has only been documented once since the invention in the early 30s.
  • Measurement lines on the outside to control the flow volume.
  • Produced in Finland and made out of 100% medical silicon: Hypoallergenic, latex-free, and perfume-free.
    Compared to many other producers even the colours are certified, namely through the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration).
  • Eco-friendly and low priced: The Lunette menstrual cup can be used up to 10 years if well looked after and during its use waste is avoided: no plastic applicators, no packaging and no waste of used tampons.


Before first use

Before you use the menstrual cup for the first time, please ensure that the vent holes on the top part of the cup are open. Wash your Lunette with warm water and if you like with a mild, perfume-free soap with a low pH-value. Sanitize your Lunette as needed by putting it in boiling water for max. 5 minutes. Be sure to have enough water in the pot to avoid scorching of the Lunette. (It can also be held in place by putting it in an eggbeater, so that it does not come into contact with the bottom of the pot.)


First wash your hands carefully with warm water and soap. When you use the Lunette for the first time, it can be helpful to moisten it with water or water-based lubricant in order to make insertion easier. Instead of ‘dry runs’ to practice, we suggest to use your menstrual cup only during your menstruation. The tissue is softer during your menstruation and the menstrual blood is assisting an easy insertion and removal.


Squeeze your Lunette together and fold it to the middle as shown on the picture. The top of the cup will form a “C”. This is the commonly used folding. Hold your folded cup and insert it with the now folded opening ahead into the vagina. Additional pictures and videos with alternative folding can be found on the website of Lunette. Another video with a detailed audio-explanation can be found here on Youtube.


Hold your folded cup and insert it with the folded opening ahead into the vagina.


You can insert the menstrual cup while sitting on the toilet, standing or crouching. Sometimes it is helpful for beginners to put one leg up, for example on the edge of a bathtub. Standing in a slight straddle helps to insert the cup, so that the top of it can be placed, similar to a tampon, behind the pubic bone. The right position in the vagina will be found by you while getting to know your own anatomy and by practicing. The low pressure and muscles in the vagina keep the Lunette at the right place.
We recommend to first try the insertion during menstruation, several women reported difficulties with the removal during the rest of the cycle. If you have problems with inserting the cup during the menstruation you can use some water or suitable lube.


The Lunette should at least be poured out twice a day and can also be worn during night time. For constant use without emptying it, 12 hours should not be exceeded. The ideal frequency of emptying depends on the strength of the flow and will be discovered by experience.


Before you remove the Lunette, wash your hands and make yourself comfortable. Grab either the bottom of the cup or, if you can not reach it, pull the cup carefully downwards with the stick. You can assist by pushing softly with your vaginal muscles. Push the top of the cup together to loosen the low pressure, afterwards push the cup slightly together (like you would for insertion, but without folding it) and remove it. You can move the menstrual cup slightly left and right while pulling it out. If you experience any difficulties with the removal, please read our FAQ.


Empty the content of the Lunette into the toilet (if necessary onto some toilet paper). After emptying, rinse it with cold water first. After that you can wash it with warm water and if favored with pH-neutral soap. Conventional perfumed hand soap is not recommended, as this may cause irritation and infections. When you are out and about you can use convenient cleaning tissues or self-made moistened flannels. Cleaning is mainly important to ensure that the holes are free, so the cup works well again. After that the cup can be inserted again.


Clean your menstrual cup thoroughly at the end of your menstruation. If needed you can also boil it in a clean pot with plenty of water (see “before first usage”). Store the Lunette accessible to air in the enclosed bag or any other cotton bag. Never put it in an air-proof box, can or plastic bag.

Please take note

  • After pregnancy and during post partum bleeding, the Lunette should not be used due to risks of infection.
  • The menstrual cup is no contraceptive.
  • The Lunette cup does not protect against STIs.
  • If you have an IUD, please ask your gynacologist for advice first before using the cup.
  • Keep away from children and pets, especially rodents.

Which size is good for me?

Most producers of the menstrual cups recommend the size depending on the users age, but for the correct size more aspects need to be considered. There are several 14-years old girls who prefer to use the larger size 2 and middle-aged women who prefer the smaller size 1. In general most women can use both sizes, but sometimes one size is more comfortable than the other. Because the Lunette is soft and flexible, most women don’t feel the Lunette during usage at all, regardless of the size. The following table can give only a rough guidance.

Recommended size

light flowstrong flow
virgin 1 1
teenager 1 1 or 2
young woman, not delivered 1 2
aoung woman, delivered 1 or 2 2
adult woman, not delivered 2 (oder 1) 2
adult woman, delivered 2 (or 1) 2
Short vagina (the cervix can be touched easily with a finger) 1 1
Active athlete, e.g. Pilates, Yoga or belly dance 1 1

Please consider the following

The strength of your flow We noticed that the strength of your flow is the most important criteria when choosing your cup size. As general rule we can say: the larger Lunette is for normal to strong flows and the small Lunette is for lighter flows. But how do you know if you have a light or strong flow?

  • Light flow. Change of common absorbing sanitary products 2-3 times a day because they are fully soaked.
  • Strong flow. Change of heavy absorbing sanitary products every 2-4 hours because they are fully soaked

Anatomy. Because every woman has a different anatomy, we sometimes recommend the smaller Lunette for strong flows or the other way round. The following needs to be kept in mind:
Age. The smaller Lunette model 1 was originally designed for young women to offer them an easy start with a menstrual cup. Young women often have quite strong vaginal muscles and can therefore insert the smaller Lunette model 1 easier. With increasing age the musculature often loses flexibility and many women then start to use the larger Lunette model 2. Hormonal changes like pregnancy also usually change the strength of the flow and because of that, one size of the cup might fit better than the other. As a general rule we can say that the Lunette model 2 fits most adult women.
Virginity. We recommend using the small Lunette model 1 prior to having sex for the first time, even with a strong flow. The vaginal muscles and the hymen are often tight and inserting the smaller Lunette model 1 is much easier.
Pregnancy. After pregnancy we recommend the larger Lunette model 2, because the shape of the vagina changes during pregnancy. Hormones change the muscles in the vagina and the position of the pelvis.
Position of the cervix. With a carefully cleaned finger it can be tested if the cervix can be touched during menstruation. If the cervix is very low it is better to use the smaller Lunette model 1 because it is shorter and fits your vagina better.
Active sports e.g. Yoga or Pilates. Sports which strengthen the deep muscles, also make the pelvic muscles firm. Women who practice these sports active and regularly, have strong vaginal muscles in their later life too. In this case we recommend the smaller Lunette model 1.
Sensitive bladder. If you have a very sensitive bladder, we recommend the smaller Lunette model 1.