Other menstrual products

› Levant sponge is a natural product. Compared to tampons it does neither drys out the vagina nor hurts the mucosa during insertion. Because of that, inserting and removing the sponge is comfortable and easy even with a light flow (e.g. at the end of the menstruation). Many women are also excited about the possibility to use the sponge like a softtampon – for bloodless sex during menstruation.

So far our levant sponges have only been sold as menstrual products but we receive consistent feedback from our customers, who also use them specifically for cleaning their face. The natural sponges caress the skin while cleansing: They absorb foundation, make-up and fat without any additional cleanser. After that the sponge can just be washed out with gentle soap. Some customers even use them for watercolour painting.



It is recommended to soak your sponge in water with a dash of vinegar before the first use, in order to neutralize the pH value. Before usage moisten with cold water and squeeze the menstrual sponge. If it seems too big, you can trim it until it fits you best. Please only trim after you have seen how small it gets in its moistened and squeezed status.

We offer our sponges in the sizes 5, 6 and 7cm which are suitable for different flow strengths. The sizes refer to the length. The bigger they are the more they can absorb.


The sponge can easily be inserted and removed from the vagina with two fingers. You can push it into place with your middle finger, quite similar to those of a tampon. It will adapt to the form of your vagina


It depends on the strength of your flow how often the sponge has to be cleaned during the day. Usually in the first 48 hours ¾ of the menstrual blood is discharged. Therefore it can be necessary to clean the sponge already after 2-3 hours on these days. When the strength of the menstruation decreases it may be possible to keep the sponge in the vagina for 4-6 hours before washing it. The exchange phases are quite similar as with tampons.


If you gently press down your pelvic floor, the sponge will move downwards and you can then easily grab and remove it. It is also useful to insert your forefinger and middle finger like a pair of tweezers to grab the sponge. Don't worry – the sponge cannot “disappear”. The only opening to the uterus is the cervix which is very small. If you experience problems with the removal, you can also pierce the sponge with a renewable twine (similar to a tampon), which you can use to pull it out.


Once the sponge is full, it has to be washed out with running cold water – this way the blood (or semen) cannot coagulate. Remaining mucus, which may have settled on the surface of the sponge, is then better washed off with warm water. Mucus in menstrual blood is transparent and consists of mucosa, which is generated in the uterus after ovulation and gets pushed out during menstruation.


Before you insert your menstrual sponge again, you can moisten and squeeze it with warm water – some women find this more pleasant because then it doesn’t feel as cold.

Cleaning for storage

  • The sponge can be put in water mixed with vinegar (cider vinegar 1:2; vinegar essence 1:10) for a few hours (e.g. during the night)
  • It is also possible to use a dilution of each ¼ cup hydrogen peroxide and water. This will also bleach the sponge in case it has become darker during use.
  • Or you can put a few drips tea-tree oil in a cup of water. Tea-tree oil is very effective against bacteria and has proven to help against up to 60 microbial strains. It will also remove any possible odor of the sponge.
  • Please rinse with water after one of those treatments.

After cleaning, the sponge should be quickly air-dried (don’t leave it in the wet bathroom, where it can absorb bacteria). You can store it in a cotton bag (e.g. wash glove or cotton sock).


Please take note

  • A natural sponge should never be boiled as it will harden and shrivel up.
  • In case of vaginal infections you should not use the sponge. After your medical treatment you should use a new sponge.
  • Never use sponges or tampons during child bed.