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washable menstrual pad organic cotton

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flannel & molleton – 100% cotton (organic)

Foldable organic cotton cloth pad

  • Cloth pad for menstrual flow and in case of bladder weakness / incontinence.
  • Can be folded in many different ways - wide or narrow, long or short, thick or thin.
  • Inconspicuous while travelling, no one will know that it’s a cloth pad.
  • A fresh side can be folded outwards quickly and easily, which makes these pads particularly comfortable to use when you are out and about.
  • Can be combined with other Kulmines to increase absorbency.
  • Fluffy organic cotton flannel on the outside. The flannel is gentle on the skin and quickly absorbs blood and other liquids
  • Absorbent organic cotton molleton inside. The molleton can store a lot of moisture and is an ideal absorbent core.


  • Mini cotton cloth pads are narrow and short. The material layer thickness and absorbency of the minis is identical to the midi models. They are particularly suitable for narrowly cut underwear and usually also suitable for younger girls.
  • Midi cotton cloth pads offer more protection on all sides. They are longer and wider than the minis. The material layer thickness and absorbency of the midis is identical to the mini models.
  • Maxi cotton cloth pads have additional layers in the molleton core. They are more absorbent and bigger than midi models. They are particularly suitable for people with a heavy flow, at night and with moderate bladder weakness / incontinence.


  • Natural white is natural and noble in appearance. Red is powerful and self-confident. Raspberry is gentle and beautiful. Black is particularly suitable for dark underwear and is hardly noticeable there.
  • On the darker colours red, raspberry and black, blood and possible stains are almost completely invisible.