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reusable pad – night & childbed | foldable Maxi+

Maxi PLUS – extra absorbent, with an increased absorption area | washable menstrual pad organic cotton

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maxi+ | folded e.g. 12x36 cm | open 45x36 cm
flannel & molleton – 100% cotton (organic)

maxi plus organic cotton cloth pad for overnight or postpartum

  • Foldable maxi plus cloth pads are particularly suitable for a heavy flow at night, as postpartum pads after birth and for various forms of incontinence.
  • Extremely absorbent due to reinforced absorbency zone.
  • Can be folded in many different ways - wide or narrow, long or short, thick or thin.
  • Can be combined with other Kulmines to increase absorbency.
  • Fluffy organic cotton flannel on the outside. The flannel is gentle on the skin and quickly absorbs blood and other liquids.
  • Absorbent organic cotton molleton inside. The molleton can store a lot of moisture and is an ideal absorbent core.


  • Natural white is natural and noble in appearance. Red is powerful and self-confident. Raspberry is gentle and beautiful. Black is particularly suitable for dark underwear and is hardly noticeable there.
  • On the darker colours red, raspberry and black, blood and possible stains are almost completely invisible.