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reusable panty liner – g-string

sanitary pad for g-strings | washable sanitary pad organic cotton

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1-4,5x16 cm
flannel – 100% cotton (organic)

Organic cotton cloth panty liner for g-strings

  • Fabric panty liner for every day as underwear protection.
  • Especially for thongs: thin, short and narrow at the back.
  • One of the most cost-effective models we offer.
  • Needs a well-fitted cotton panty. Wide underwear or synthetic materials do not provide enough grip against slipping.
  • Inner and outer layers are made of organic cotton flannel. The flannel is gentle on the skin and absorbs sweat, vaginal fluid, cervical mucus and urine drops safely and quickly.


  • Natural white is natural and noble in appearance. Red is powerful and self-confident. Raspberry is gentle and beautiful. Black is particularly suitable for dark underwear and is hardly noticeable there.
  • On the darker colours red, raspberry and black, blood and possible stains are almost completely invisible.

Alternative with wings

Alternatively, you can also use the cloth panty liner with wings mini in thongs. By turning the push buttons, it takes the perfect shape: