Mooncup & Levantiner

There are alternatives to tampons – even two!
The menstrual cup (also known as Cup, Mooncup, Lunette, Selene, Divacup, ...) is a useful, healthy and safe alternative to tampons and disposable menstrual products. From our point of view the company Lunette produces the best cups. Read more…

A Levant sponge is a natural product. Compared to tampons it does neither drys out the vagina nor hurts the mucosa during insertion. Because of that, inserting and removing the sponge is comfortable and easy even with a light flow (e.g. at the end of the menstruation). Many women are also excited about the possibility to use the sponge like a softtampon – for bloodless sex during menstruation. Read more…

levantine sponge – the natural and proven alternative to tampons | reusable – healthy – ecological harvest
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save 10% | levantine menstrual sponge 6 cm + sanitary pad classic Mini + sanitary pad with wings Midi
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