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weicher, dichter und saugstarker Satin aus Bio-Baumwolle

Advantages of washable cloth pads and cloth pantyliners



conveniet & innovative

  • Kulmine cloth pads and panty liners have stood the test of time for 25 years and never the less are continuously being refined.
  • Reusable panty liners and pads made from cotton are as absorbent as comparable conventional single use products.
  • The organic cotton is almost completely untreated, and we consciously forgo the use of prints. Due to this, our cloth pads and panty liners are extremly soft and have open pores which means that they are able to absorb fluids quickly and stay in place in your underwear.
  • Models with wings and the Hela model hold fast in all types of underwear without slipping.
  • Models without wings need fitted underwear made of cotton in order to hold fast.
  • Buttons made of nickel-free brass.
  • At a temperature of 60°C the washable pads and pantyliners are cleaned thoroughly, if you feel more comfortable washing your pads at 95°C this is also absolutely possible.

cloth pads and cloth panty liners on clothesline


friendly to skin & comfortable

  • Cloth pads and pantyliners are soft and pleasant on the skin.
  • They contain no chemical additives, scents or plastics and are highly breathable
  • Bacteria and yeasts have far smaller chance of proliferating on cloth pads and pantyliners compared to many other conventional menstrual hygiene products.
  • Unpleasant odours, sweating, itchiness and allergic reactions can be minimized greatly or even eliminated with the use of Kulmine pads from cotton.

cloth pads and cloth pantyliners in Kulmine bag


environmentally friendly & sustainably sensible

  • We use only certified organic cotton fabrics, these have the highest certification which includes the dyeing process and the dyes used and ensures the highest quality product.
  • From production to sale, almost no waste is created. All materials used are biodegradable.
  • Made by hand, professionally and with love.
  • When you buy Kulmines, you are purchasing reusable cloth pads and pantyliners directly from the producer.
  • Because we use only the most premium-quality fabrics and because of our elaborate production process, the washable cotton pads last up to 25 years and the washable cotton pantyliners up to 10 years with regular use.

washable pantyliners and cloth pads


no PUL / no plastic

Water impermeable layers made from polyurethane plastics (PUL) hinder the breathability of the cotton fabric and make it less flexible. They increase sweatiness and can feel uncomfortably warm, thereby increasing the likelihood of unpleasant odour development. Kulmine cloth pads and panty liners, made from pure organic cotton, without any plastic layers, are especially soft, flexible and breathable.This makes them far more comfortable than similar cheaper cloth pads that contain a PUL-layer. The high absorbency of Kulmines has been achieved at our company for the last 25 years and is made possible due to the use of high quality materials and the expert combination of different fabric layers.

Even more advantages: Without PUL Kulmines do not rustle - whether you are changing the pad on the toilet or you are out and about wearing your pad. Cloth pads and panty liners without PUL can be washed at 95°C if you so wish, however our experience has shown that this is likely not necessary. The longevity of Kulmines is much higher than compared to products containing PUL and when they do need to be discarded after their long life, no plastic is added to the landfill.

reusable skin friendly pads and pantyliners

appreciative & loving

For over 20 years, Kulmine cloth pads and pantyliners have allowed people to experience their bodies beyond other-directed taboos. Instead of a cold distance towards the processes within our bodies, a loving orientation and appreciation can develop. Through this, Kulmine products may become an unexpected source of strength and joy.


Anja Peters, gynaecologist: „For women, who often suffer from fungal infections of the vagina, the recommendation for me is absolutely to use cloth pads and cloth panty liners from Kulmine instead of conventional hygiene products. In combination with naturopathic therapy, this change is almost always successful“